Writing and teaching writing are my passions, and this website focuses on my two most recent projects: (1) introducing my new novel, Sleight of Eye, a dystopian political thriller that is the first in the American Archipelago series; and (2) getting ready to publish the grammar I created, FunStruct, and then used to help my college students improve their writing .

Find out more about both projects by clicking on the links above. Each week I’ll be posting new information in the “FunStruct Grammar” link above, so if you’d like to learn FunStruct or to consider using it in your teaching, I welcome email commentary in the “Contact Me” link!

Below is an image of my novel’s cover, plus purchase information.


Available for purchase by clicking here: https://store.bookbaby.com/book/Sleight-of-Eye

eBook: $4.99, Paperback: 19.95

Or visit my Author Central page at Amazon.com: