Reviews of Funstruct Grammar

Dr. Elizabeth Stolarek, Professor, retired, at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan:

I highly recommend Elaine McCullough’s Funstruct grammar workshop to all faculty members and English Ed majors. I’ve been testing Elaine’s system in my 074, 150 and 3221 classes, and my students’ success has been phenomenal. Whether you teach grammar regularly in your classes or not, I’m sure you’ll find this program useful because it’s both accessible and actually fun for your students.

Dr. Christine Vonder Haar, Professor at Ferris State University:

As I teach a university course in Linguistics to English Education majors, I invited Dr. Stolarek to demonstrate [Elaine McCullough’s program] on grammar instruction. ….

It was clear to me immediately that this approach to presentation of grammar was successful in several ways:

visually attractive

logical and easily comprehensible

simple, straightforward

reinforcement through repetition

units of learning build cumulatively

frequent reviews and competence-testing

Many of my students who learned traditional grammar but never quite grasped it, commented on their understanding of several grammar concepts in a very short time, with this presentation. I was amazed that in the 20-minutes of presentation by Dr. Stolarek, students were actively engaged in the learning, calling out the answers in confident unison, and pleased with the comprehension that was occurring.

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