About Sleight of Eye

The chaos of 2020 had abated and America was recovering. Then came the coup.

Now it’s 2040, and a theocratic president has been in the White House for almost ten years. Fundamentalism, capitalism, and shallow entertainment are the only things not censored on television and the internet. Terrorist bombings are commonplace, and abject poverty and lawlessness are spreading out from the heartland.

But the coastal states remain solvent as they struggle against federal control. And tough, deliberate men like former Secret Service agent Sam Wolf are still protecting the defenseless and doing justice.

While on his mother’s Ojibwe reservation, Wolf and his best friend Lenny are shot and thrown into a mysterious pit.

But Wolf survives, resolving to find Lenny’s killer. His quest takes him from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, across the dangerous heartland, and finally to the sloughs and levees of the California Delta.

Wolf does catch the killer, but he finds someone he prizes much more: a stunning woman who possesses serious bionic magic. And he is spellbound.

He soon joins an unusual team of maverick FBI agents and Native Americans whose mission is to uncover the secrets of the mysterious pit. What they discover is not just shocking: it could shatter an already divided nation.

Available for purchase here: https://store.bookbaby.com/book/Sleight-of-Eye

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