Sleight of Eye, Blog 1

In 2020 we are successfully weathering an assault on our democracy, but we’re left to wonder when the next, more talented despotic administration will come along and harness the anger of over 70 million Trump voters. In Sleight of Eye, it’s 2040, and that administration is already in power. Step inside my first novel of the American Archipelago trilogy for a cautionary tale of America’s possible future.

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FunStruct Grammar, Blog 1

Hi! In this blog I’ll be pointing you to my discussion in this website of the grammar I created for the writing students I had in college.

Even some of my advanced students were having trouble with the basics of sentence structure, which is the focus of “grammar” as I’m defining it here.

Since I had a group of students for only one semester and since so many of the advanced writing issues we would discuss required an understanding of the basics, I had to get them up to speed fast.

If you go to my website, where this blog is located, you can read more about how FunStruct began by clicking on the link “Origins of FunStruct,” and you can see the first lesson by clicking on “FunStruct Grammar.”

Take a look!